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Impact Group: sustainable food containers

Just because we have “always done it this way” doesn’t mean we can’t do it differently.

We are manufacturers of sustainable food containers.

And we are much more than that.

Are you a player in the food industry, collective catering or commercial catering?

Together with you, we are launching a pragmatic, enthusiastic and optimistic movement to transform the food and catering industries towards packaging with less environmental impact and more respect for nature.

Thrilled? So are we!

And we believe that concrete, effective and successful solutions already exist in this area. Here are ours.


Single-use food packaging solutions

Monomaterials (PP and PET)
Compostable moulded cellulose

We promote our single-use food packaging solutions as an act of sustainable consumption through a conscious choice of recyclable or compostable mono-materials, eco-designed solutions that address the need to reduce our carbon footprint and an uncompromising commitment to hygiene and safety.


Solutions and services from a forerunner in re-use and reusable containers

Compliant with the Anti-waste law for a circular economy

We provide simple solutions to change everyday routines.
Produce less, reuse more and thus limit our environmental impact.

Pioneers in the event management market with our historical brand Ecocup, we offer to replace disposable cups with reusable ones.

Convinced by our approach, we innovate and adapt our solutions to other sectors.

Why switch to sustainable packaging?

A legal requirement

First of all, it is a legislative imperative in France and in Europe: regulations set a target of 100% recycling of single-use plastic packaging by 2025.

High consumer expectations

Environmental concerns are becoming more and more central to consumer choices. Your customers are aware of your environmental efforts and are increasingly well informed on the subject.

Simply put, a commitment to the future

Limit greenhouse gas emissions, reduce the use of natural resources, take into account the environmental cost of one’s activity, seems fundamental to us, especially when the answers exist or when we can work on them.

Don’t you?

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Impact Group

How do we go about it?

At Impact Group, we start by analysing your needs. By talking about your customers, your constraints, your desires and your objectives.

We then explore all the possibilities, leaving nothing to chance. We guide you, in complete transparency, to find the solution that suits you. Among those that exist but also among those that do not yet exist.

Choice of materials

Whether single-use or reusable, choose redesigned materials: biosourced, compostable, eco-designed and recyclable.

Standard or customised products

Find the right solutions for you, either from our wide range of standard products or by working with us to create a customised product.

Reliable reusable solutions

Discover and try real reusable container solutions, tried and tested by hundreds of B2B customers.

Made in Europe, traceable and of high quality

Benefit from the reliability of European manufacturing, traced materials, certified containers and a recognised quality approach (ISO, BRC certification, etc.)

Impact Group.

Can packaging really be sustainable?

Yes! There is not only one way of packing in an environmentally friendly way, but several!

We explore all your options together.


Impact Group is:

  • 850 employees
  • 80 million reusable cups washed each year
  • a community of restaurant owners who wish to eliminate single use packaging
  • a turnover target of 50% from non-single-use PP by 2026
  • an international industrial group
  • over 50 years of experience in materials.

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