We know all about,
responsibility !

Above all, we’re responsible for adopting a coherent approach, from start to finish.

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Having a good impact has become our business

As a player in the responsible transition, we design and develop sustainable solutions every day, while reducing our carbon footprint.

And thanks to our dedication, all of our customers become part of this virtuous circle.


Going further

CSR offers a lens through which we examine the challenges of everyday life. We work with all our stakeholders to improve our performance on societal and environmental issues every day.

How ?

Because you can't generate power with good intentions,

we have installed 1000 m2 of photovoltaic panels at our factory in the Netherlands.

Because biosourced and compostable products aren’t right for every need,

we created our own recycling division in 2009 to give our products a second life.

Because creating a rewarding working environment isn’t enough,

and because everyone contributes to our success, we have created an employee stock ownership plan. We truly want all of our employees to be excited to give their all and be proud to work with us.

Every gesture, every initiative counts. But there’s still so much to do. There can never be too many people wanting to effect positive change.

Helping the group move to category B

At Impact Group, CSR is more than lofty speeches; we live it in everything we do. And to give value to all our actions, we have decided to be assessed by third parties to prove that we do what we say.

B Corp certification is our current goal, as proof of our positive contribution to society. We don’t want to be the best company in the world, but the best company for the world.

Ecocup by Re-uz is pleased to support the Hellfest festival once again!
Actualités Re-Uz 17 June 2022

Ecocup by Re-uz is pleased to support the Hellfest festival once again!

This year, for 2 consecutive weekends, festival-goers will enjoy drinks served in our ecocups.

Re-Uz reusable cups are coming to Starbucks!
Actualités Re-Uz 12 May 2022

Re-Uz reusable cups are coming to Starbucks!

Starbucks trusts Re-uz for the launch of the experimental phase of its returnable cup program in France. Thus, from May to early July 2022, find Re-uz reusable cups in 5 Parisian salons of the brand: Capucines, Petits Carreaux, 32 Haussmann, Poissonnière and Montmartre.

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