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greatest area of expertise: being able to offer you a choice

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Which packaging is right for what you need?

Answer: it depends!

Impact Group offers a multitude of eco-friendly food packaging solutions. Our strength lies in our agility, honed from years of experience and innovation combined.

Our expertise is pragmatic, not dogmatic.

We have no interest in offering you a one-size-fits-all solution: instead, we work together with you to explore the various options already out there and even those that don’t exist yet.

Our goal: to pinpoint the sustainable food packaging solution that is best suited to your market, your requirements and your constraints.

In other words,
the right solution,
not just a solution..

50.000m2 of manufacturing plant in Europe
at the highest industry standards
  • 2600 business
    customers working together with us in making eco-friendly choices
  • 1 One integrated
    recycling system,
    since 2009

Impact Group
Which packaging
is right for you?

Re-usable packaging or eco-friendly single use

Through its affiliates Re-Uz and Nutripack, Impact Group has developed sustainable food packaging solutions for re-usable and recyclable containers, as well as single use containers.

Still not sure?
We can help you choose the type of packaging that’s right for you based on how you intend to use it and your requirements.

Ethical packaging, from creation to end-of-life management

Impact Group is highly aware of the life cycle of its solutions.

Be it re-usable or a single use solution, we develop the eco-design of our products to ensure they are ethical from the outset. One of the ways we gauge the impact of our actions is through a life cycle assessment (LCA) of the re-usable cups made by our affiliate Re-Uz.

Carefully selected materials that are high-performing and eco-friendly

Impact Group has been developing ranges of eco-friendly materials for more than 30 years and is taking unprecedented steps in the quest for high-performing and eco-friendly solutions. Ergonomics, selection of materials, design…

Every aspect of the product is carefully considered and nothing left to chance.

Impact Group is able to accommodate technical, practical, environmental and design constraints.

Recyclable and eco-designed solutions

Eco-designed mono-material packaging made out of 100% recyclable PP that is up to 30% lighter and dye and BPA-free. Thanks to our integrated and ADEME-approved since 2009 PP recycling system, we also manage the end-of-life and upcycling processes for the packaging.


Packaging made entirely from processed organic material such as grain.


A range in patented, compostable and biodegradable moulded cellulose, made in France. This material meets every requirement, including no-waste.

Standard or tailored solutions

Impact Group designs and manufactures an extensive range of standard food containers to meet the needs and requirements of the agri-food sector. Need something outside the box? We can work with you to create tailored products.

The means, tools and our commitments

Manufactured in Europe, at the cutting edge of quality standards

For the sake of quality, ethics and safety, as well as to reduce our environmental impact, we have chosen to keep Impact Group’s entire production line in Europe.

An ongoing commitment to an internationally recognised quality standard

Since 2012, Impact Group has continued to fulfil the strict requirements of the European BRC standard in eight of its factories, a benchmark that guarantees the food safety of our products.

We also take action to reduce the impact that our manufacturing processes have on the environment. We do this by employing a closed circuit system to cut our water use as much as possible, whilst we are also committed to complying with a strict CSR policy for our energy consumption.

More than just manufacturers, we are our customers’ allies

Are you seeking to reduce the impact of your food packaging with a clear conscience?

Impact Group handles the collection, cleaning, delivery and end-of-life management of its products, with you and for you.

We will work together with you and give advice in response to ongoing changes to regulations (food safety, anti-waste laws, etc.).

When it comes to revolutionising
the environmental impact of
food packaging,
every action counts.


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