Responsible single-use food packaging

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Nutripack eco-designed, mono-material, recyclable and compostable food packaging


responsible single use

Single-use packaging can be compatible
with environmental responsibility.

Nutripack creates, manufactures, collects and recycles single-use and environmentally responsible food packaging. Because neither you nor your customers can imagine a world where we just throw everything away without a thought any longer.

There is no single food packaging solution: we are convinced that single-use and reusable can coexist and each has a use and value depending on your needs. Nutripack offers solutions that can be adapted to find the one that suits you best from among all those that exist. Or even invent new ones.

Nutripack solutions

Nutripack trouve avec ses clients des solutions efficaces et durables d’emballage à usage unique, en recourant à des matériaux 100 % recyclables, comme le PP ou le PET, monomatériaux.

Et Nutripack innove aussi, en développant des matériaux biosourcés, et des matériaux entièrement compostables.


Agri-food industry

The food processing industry can use less impactful packaging, without compromising on quality or safety.

Ecological food packaging

To support changes in the food processing industry and help reduce the carbon footprint of its packaging.



Corporate catering

100% recyclable or compostable food containers and Nutripack’s in-house recycling division.

Sustainable food packaging for corporate catering

Single-use food containers that are both sustainable AND adapted to the constraints of corporate catering?

We can do that.


We recycle for you

Nutripack is more than just a food packaging manufacturer, we’re your partner supporting your sustainable packaging use: we collect and recycle your PP and PET packaging directly.

And we are fully committed to an environmentally friendly approach, at every stage of the life of our products and services.


m2 of production space
in europe






years of experience
in the materials industry

In short, sustainable, reliable and exacting : food packaging by Nutripack

Nutripack means sustainable and reliable products that are eco-designed, recyclable and environmentally friendly.

We offer standard or custom packaging, to adapt to all your needs.

And Nutripack means high quality packaging that’s manufactured in Europe and that meets the strictest food safety specifications.

Switch to a responsible solution :Nutripack

Single-use food packaging