value of impact

As an international industrial group, we are aware of the impact we have on society and the environment.

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So, that’s why we work with :


We follow a simple logic. End consumers determine the products we develop through their uses and needs. To constantly propose solutions that are alternative, innovative, environmentally friendly… and above all, right.

Because we take an exploratory and open approach, we can always adapt.

Determination and a shared commitment

Impact Group is a true story of measured and deliberate ambition. We can only move forward together. And, naturally, at every step, we recycle what we’ve learned !

We maintain our family commitment and constant investment, while optimising the support of our men and women in our development.


Respect for the environment...
but not only...

We contribute every day by helping other companies reduce their own impact, with a constant obsession for product quality.

All with one goal in mind: to earn B Corp certification.

That means meeting societal, environmental, governance and public transparency demands.



This is our trademark: when something is good, we tell you. When it’s not, we tell you that, too. We are committed to guiding our customers through the masses of information on plastics.

And we want to advise them, honestly and candidly! Candour is a family trait… and it’s your guarantee of our transparency.